Wynne prize 2017

Art is a litmus test for public opinion and can be an effective way to disseminate important political ideas.
During an epoch of climate fear, and as we endure a lack of environmental leadership in Australia, there are many artists working to mediate these issues via their work.
Whilst it is crucial that Indigenous art gains greater momentum in the ongoing accumulation of landscape imagery in Australia, it is also important to select artworks carefully for inclusion in the Wynne Prize exhibition and not to mistake politics for aesthetic value.
Views of Australia, there are some robust scenes of the Australian landscape in the finalist line-up.Joan Ross, the winner of the 2017 Sulman prize for her mixed work ohio lottery scratch off tickets remaining prizes Oh history, you lied.Instead I contend that one of the brightly coloured APY Indigenous works, all hung together in the high-ceiling gallery space, will win the day.A second reason Kitsons work stands out for me is a political one: climate change.Its worth checking out the finalists of one of the UKs mostly hotly contested portrait westfield xs gift card participating stores prizes, the.Anthropocene and the damage we have caused to the land.The Archibald Prize, first awarded in 1921, is Australias favourite art award, and one of its most prestigious.In the exhibition, use the free WiFi and our mobile website.Its not a bad likeness of the divisive personality, and its painted in the ever-popular expressionist style so beloved by the public, but the work is also suggesting that Hughes is not long for this world, a stage play about to meet its final curtain.The other stand-out work, and my pick for the most deserved finalist entry,.The tension between traditional portraits and works that sit at the limits of what most people consider a portrait is the friction that fires up the whole engine of the prize.However, based on past experience, I suspect neither of these two powerful artists will win.Wynne Prize 2017 finalist Juz Kitson That which provides safety and the possibility of growth, that which you can put your trust in, 200 x 133 x.With two close calls with the prize in previous years, Cairnss win was perhaps inevitable in the same way that artists with equally accessible styles, say past winners.Chens huge, oil-encrusted canvas was pointed out to me as a potential winner at the unveiling of the finalists a couple of weeks ago and I fell into a deep, panicked sweat worrying that such a grossly obvious picture, and one so lugubriously painted, could.The category is so wide, and so ambiguous, that its basically an open category for contemporary painters to enter anything they please.
Joan Rosss, oh History, you lied to me, a work in the artists ongoing project, satirising colonial Australia and its contemporary manifestations in kitsch, here an amalgam of natural history museum artefacts looking rather like a nightmare, hi-vis tea towel.
This is heartening, and no doubt heartfelt, but focusing on increasing the representation of a marginalised group can result in a compromise of the standard of works selected.