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Carbon Monoxide Safety, operating Maintaining Your Stove, building Regulations Legal Requirements.If you are looking for a chimney sweep in the UK, please check their database of chimney sweeps in your area.Chimney sweeps usually advise that chimneys ought to be cleaned after a period of prolonged disuse (over the summer for example).There are, however, certain warning signs that you can look out for yourself.Many also advise that chimneys should be cleaned before the end of the heating season to ensure that the chimney is clear of animal nests and prepared for the subsequent idle period.So, there is a Better Way.What are the benefits of hiring a professional chimney sweep?How a fireplace works, as a fire burns in a fireplace, the air from the room goes through the grate and fuels the fire.Thus, a clean chimney is also a safer, more efficient chimney.It is worth remembering that it is inevitable that loosened soot will end up crashing down into your fireplace, so be prepared for a fairly time-consuming clean-up!It is also unlikely that your own untrained eye would notice more subtle problems, such as signs of freeze-thaw weathering.Chimney sweeping is an ancient profession.It is possible to do a patch-up job on smaller cracks, but in the event of larger cracks appearing, it is best to install a replacement.Some general tips, it is better to burn hard woods than soft woods.Without this continuous supply of air, the fire would burn itself out.Can't I clean my chimney myself?Registered office: Emerald Way, Stone Business Park, Stone, Staffordshire, ST15 0SR.If a problem is noticed early, it will probably be easier, and cheaper, to fix.It is also much more convenient to hire a professional to take what will inevitably be a time consuming, physically draining and messy job off your hands.Please see their website for more information and a list of members.
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Whilst it is also possible to do both of these jobs yourself with the aid of a good DIY manual, it might be more convenient to consider hiring a professional.
It is also important to ask how much experience the chimney sweep has, and whether or not he or she is fully insured.
If you would prefer not to attempt either of these more modern methods, you could always hire some brushes.