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1810A.3.9.2 Required reinforcement Where subject to uplift or where the ellusionist com promo codes required moment strength determined using the load combinations of Section 1605.2 exceeds the design cracking moment determined in accordance with Section 1810.3.9.1, cast-in-place deep foundations not enclosed by a structural steel pipe.
The introduction of fresh hammer cushion or pile cushion material just prior to final penetration is not permitted.Field verification requirements and acceptance criteria using CPT/SPT.1810A.3.8.2 Precast nonprestressed piles Precast nonprestressed concrete nys gifted and talented program piles shall comply with the requirements of Sections 1810.3.8.2.Spacing of transverse reinforcement shall not exceed 16 longitudinal bar diameters throughout the remainder of the reinforced length.At least one element shall be load tested in each area of uniform subsoil conditions.1805A.3.2.1 Surface preparation of walls Prior to the application of waterproofing materials on concrete or masonry walls, the walls shall be prepared in accordance with Section 1805.2.2.1.Where design flood elevations are specified but flood-ways have not been designated, unless it has been demonstrated that the cumulative effect of the proposed flood hazard area encroachment, when combined with all other existing and anticipated flood hazard area encroachment, will not increase the design.1808A.2 Design for capacity and settlement Foundations shall be so designed that the allowable bearing capacity of the soil is not exceeded, and that differential settlement is minimized.Subsequent micropiles shall not be drilled near elements that have been grouted until the grout has had sufficient time to harden.Where placed under or in the presence of water, the concrete shall be deposited by approved means to ensure minimum segregation of the mix and negligible turbulence of the water.1809A.13 Footing seismic ties Where a structure is assigned to Seismic Design Category D, E or F, individual spread footings founded on soil defined in Section 1613.3.2 as Site Class E or F shall be interconnected by ties.1810A.3.10.3 Reinforcement For micropiles or portions thereof grouted inside a temporary or permanent casing or inside a hole drilled into bedrock or a hole drilled with grout, the steel pipe or tube or steel reinforcement shall be designed to carry at least 40 percent.Where concrete or grout is to be pumped, the mix design including slump shall be adjusted to produce a pumpable mixture.If performance of the shoring is within established guidelines, shoring design engineer may permit the periodic readings to be bi-weekly.Exception: For overturning about the principal axis of rectangular footings with symmetrical vertical loading and the design lateral force applied, a triangular or trapezoidal soil pressure distribution which covers the full width of the footing will meet magestore gift card magento 2 the stability requirement.S 3 Allowable lateral soil-bearing pressure as set forth in Section 1806.2 based on a depth equal to the depth of embedment in pounds per square foot (kPa).Rectangular hoop ends shall terminate at a corner with seismic hooks.1803A.5.11 Seismic Design Categories C through F For structures assigned to Seismic Design Category C, D, E or F, a geotechnical investigation shall be conducted, and shall include an evaluation of all of the following potential geologic and seismic hazards: Slope instability.
Allowable bearing pressures, allowable stresses and design formulas provided in this chapter shall be used with the allowable stress design load combinations specified.
The geotechnical report shall include, but shall not be limited to, site-specific evaluations of design criteria related to the nature and extent of foundation materials, groundwater conditions, liquefaction potential, settlement potential and slope stability.

Exception: Alternate trench locations and pipe clearances shall be permitted when approved by registered design professional in responsible charge and the enforcement agent.
Group effects shall be evaluated using a generally accepted method of analysis; the analysis for uplift of grouped elements with center-to-center spacing less than three times the least horizontal dimension of an element shall be evaluated in accordance with Section 1810.
The soil immediately below the pile cap shall not be considered as carrying any vertical load.