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In other words, refreshments should not destroy the tea flavor, and must be both tasty and good-looking.
An emperor of Song dynasty named Zhaojie wrote in Treatise on Tea : " Tea is to lighten leisure with charm and static." Falling In deep meditation Only the person drinking tea with heart can develop a taste tropic air coupon code of tea essence and interest.
The family dedicated tea room is just a place which is decorated according to their personal preferences.
A Chinese tea set is consisting of a tea pot and tea cups used to serve tea.The latter are for handling hot cups during their rinsing.Due to the fact that the unparalleled advantages of porcelain tea sets were favored by discount codes travelodge april 2016 Europeans, porcelain tea sets and purple-clay tea sets made in the three important historical periods ruled by Emperor Kang Xi, Yong Zheng, and Qian Long respectively have been sold overseas.Using Chinese tea sets can help adjust your body physically and mentally.Zhnangzi said: "still water is the man candle, flat in accurate, and this how the great artisan learns.The heart of saints is static and of heaven and earth, and the mirror of everything." "Static and devoid law of observation" means clear to see the personality, insight into the nature, just view oneself and experience the great morale status.Different kinds of tea in different flavor match food in different taste; different kinds of tea in different shapes and colors require snacks in different shapes.Tea snacks taste delicious, look elegant and refined, and appear pitch perfect themed gifts lovely."Good-looking" demands the visual effects of tea snacks matching tea.Drinking tea is pleasant, allowing us to temporarily take a break in the busy time, have fun on the trip, and enjoy a quiet moment when feeling agitated.Being of elegant styles, practical use and artistic value, they are well-known around the world and favored by tea lovers throughout history.The "harmony" principle should be followed.Bone China tea sets will bring you the experience of drinking tea in traditional Chinese way.Making tea in the office mainly needs cup, and purple sand cup or glass can also.This can lead to a little unnecessary spillage on the part of the novice Westerner.When Guang Zhou locals drink tea, they always take a Chinese Tea Set, and have some muffin, taro cake, and turnip cake at the same time.Having selected a pot, utensils are next up for acquisition, a wooden scoop and tongs.

They are ail slatted and hollow, to allow for the inevitable spillage entailed in a traditional Chinese tea ceremony, other than that, the range and breadth of design is staggering.
Since the 17th century, Chinese tea and Chinese tea sets have been sold to European markets in a large quantity.
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