Seps voucher application

HPD also issues project-based vouchers, which require the renter to sassa vouchers for 2016 move into a specific building.
Voucher holders devote 30 percent of their income to rent, and the agency administering the program makes up the difference.
As shelter census has increased, the DHS shelter system has continued to experience extremely low vacancy rates.
Many of these individuals are currently occupying temporary housing pending relocation to permanent housing and are at risk of shelter entry if permanent, affordable housing cannot be found. .More information about seps can be found here.Part of the idea isn't entirely new: The Giuliani and Bloomberg administrations had a program that paid plane fare for homeless people to fly to other cities where they had relatives who could house them.The payment standards are the same as those used for the enhanced rent levels for the linc program.In addition households must have the following: An Active or Single Issue Public Assistance case.Call HRAs Rental Assistance Call Center at for program information, aftercare referrals and payment inquiries.Crisis Intervention Program to speak with an advocate.Voucher discrimination It is illegal for New York City landlords who own buildings with six or more apartments to refuse vouchers.The Special Exit and Prevention Supplement (seps) program, which was established by emergency rule apology gifts for him issued on August 26, 2015, is available to certain single adults and adult families who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, including veterans, adults who are residing in DHS shelters.New Yorkers who think they might be eligible for a project-based voucher must apply to the development directly.To qualify, one must be a homeless veteran with mental health or substance abuse issues, or a physical disability.The AMI in New York for a family of four is 90,600.The couple profiled in the radio report was being shown apartments in Newark by New York City homelessness officials.The seps program will assist eligible households with rent for one year.The household must pay 30 of any income they receive towards the rent (including income from employment or any disability benefit like SSI/SSD) and the program will cover the rest.Section 8, section 8 is a federally funded program that provides vouchers to low-income renters to subsidize their housing costs.More than half of New York City renters spend more than 30 percent of their income on rent, making them what officials call "rent-burdened and 60,000 people lay their heads down at night in the city's homeless shelters.Renters who receive financial support through Section 8 might have "portable" vouchers, also known as "housing choice vouchers which allow them to rent apartments in privately owned buildings.It provides a Section 8 voucher and supportive services to homeless veterans.

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The tenant share of the rent is calculated at lease signing and will not change for the first year but will be reviewed at the time of annual renewal.
HPD spokeswoman Juliet Pierre-Antoine tells us that the agency focuses on working with existing holders of Section 8 vouchers rather than new applicants.