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Rarely seen on 'merchant marine' ribbon; not many such medals were awarded.
One of the more interesting medals in the genre.Complete with original pin for fastening.It is not entirely clear if these were indeed issued with the ribbon, likely not.British Royal Navy and Merchant Marine, Russian, French and American being the most notable.The keyring in itself was designed to connect a small lowes gift card balance not working item to a key, the key to its keeper and (in terms euronics ie discount code of promotional advertising) connect them to your brand.sold* *sold* Nationalists medal 1924.Item # Ita-400 (285) 285.00 Great War Medal of Merit for Military Chaplains in very rare, silver grade!Good details, Rome mint mark to eyelet.33 warm gift of 2016 See,.g., Federal Land and Facilities, United States Attorney's Office for the Central District of California.'Trieste' was a 'trento' class heavy cruiser launched in 1926.Appears to be silver but unmarked.Ship was immobilized but given protection of Allied ships (Royal Navy HMS ' Bristol' and HMS 'Dartmouth' along with Italian vessels) it was later towed to safety.It is a first time we have seen this medal in the silver grade.First type (Brambilla # 740) by Affer.

Large and bulbous crown.
Very good quality and details.