Present tense of sweep

present tense of sweep

Smelt/Smelled, smelt/Smelled, spell, spelt/Spelled, spelt/Spelled, spill Spilt/Spilled Spilt/Spilled Spoil Spoilt/Spoiled Spoilt/Spoiled Strip Stript/Stripped Stript/Stripped Sunburn Sunburned/Sunburnt Sunburned/Sunburnt Vex Vext/Vexed Vext/Vexed.
To pass the fingers or bow over (a musical instrument, its strings or keys, etc.
He made a sweeping gesture at the microphones, cameras and reporters.
To move or pass in a swift but stately manner: Proudly, she swept from the room.Any dust or dirt was simply swept through the cracks and fell on the livestock below.Maggie came upon a pile of massive boulders, which had been swept down off the hills.He had been swept along by Tommy's drunken madness.A large oar used in small vessels, sometimes nmspring promo code to assist the rudder or to propel the craft.The Democrats had swept the fall elections and were about to take control of the Senate.One of the sails of a windmill.To drive or carry by some steady force, as of a wind or wave: The wind swept the snow into drifts.The sunlight glimmered off these blades and when the sea breeze swept through they rippled like sequins on a party dress.Accelerating down Goodwood's pit straight and sweeping into Madgwick bmo visa gift card Corner in this car is enough to convince you of that.To examine electronically, as to search for a hidden listening device.
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