Pokemon y gift codes list

Indulgent Customer: Spend 1,000,000 at PokeMarts.
Kalos Pokedex Completionist: Complete the entire Kalos Pokedex.
National Pokedex Completionist: Capture all Pokemon in the National Pokedex.
Mighty Fisher: Find 100 Pokemon while fishing.After you have defeated him, you will be able to venetian las vegas deals discounts select your starter, and the Professor will say to send a Pokemon to your box to make room for your starter.Professor Oak's grandson reference An NPC in a Pokemon Center in Lumiose City - Magenta Plaza will refer to Professor Oak's grandson and his famous "Smell ya later" line when he leaves.Getting Lightning Rod Pikachu without Friend Safari Get a Male Plusle with Lightning Rod from a Horde on Route 5, and get a female Pikachu from Route 3 or Santalune Forest.If you chose Fennekin, it will be Zapdos.Thus, keep this in mind when building your party, as you do not want to waste time raising a Psychic Pokemon if you chose Fennekin and he is already going to eventually fill that role in your party.This is a reference to HarmoKnight, which was also created by the same developer.Note: Change spots if Luvdisc does not take the bait.Date of Receiving Pokémon Movie.Advertisement Location Event Date Worldwide 2014 February - 2014 September 30 For the first time since Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver, an Event Celebi will be given out in the West.To get this Pokemon, you will need to do a few steps with Pokemon Bank and Pokemon X.Pokemon-Amie Aficionado: Play with a Pokemon in Pokemon-Amie 10 times.Location Event Date North America 2014 August August 12 Europe/Australia 2014 August September 8 To celebrate the opening of m, Pokemon X and Y players can download the Pokeball Pattern Vivillon for a limited time.Tell him "No" (or press B and he will hold on to your chosen starter until you decide to collect.