Overwatch highest win rate heroes

She also has a skill called Shield Generator which gives her team a great health advantage.
On Fire, reinhardt, tank., ana, support., moira.He is the sturdiest of the Tanks, boasting high base Health.Read More, overbuff Recall - October 5, 2018.Roadhog also large heal on a medium cooldown, allowing him love it cover it discount to operate for long periods of time even when away from his team.Moira also has a strong ultimate skill, Coalescence, which can both heal and damage enemies.However, Reinhardt can also be a deadly offensive threat due to the high-damage his Rocket Hammer can deliver.Sabriel sits down with Fareeha to get her thoughts on the recent Pharah changes, and also talk a little about her life and how streaming fits into. While his abilities are rather simple, his gameplay can be quite complicated, requiring the player to balance helping your enemy and dealing damage while staying alive.Have old or no comp stats?Whether its because of their high damage or challenging gameplay, these heroes have the perfect skill kit to deliver a victory.Clad in powered armor and equipped with a gigantic hammer, Reinhardt leads his teammates across the battleground and defends them with his massive energy barrier.
Play at least one more comp game and close Overwatch.