No claims discount protection

no claims discount protection

Your NCD will then only change if you make more than two claims in three consecutive years.
What is no claims discount remington 5r 300 win mag for sale protection?Like claims for a damaged contact lens king discount windscreen or if you're hit by an uninsured driver (as part of our uninsured driver promise).There are some claims that won't affect your discount, even if you haven't got our NCD protection.Do you really need toto 4d prize money to protect your no claims discount?Just one mishap could mean you lose your reward for years of careful driving and the price of your car insurance could.Therefore, while an insurer might deduce that you are more likely to have an accident, for whatever reason (could be related to where you drive, how much you drive, the time of day you drive, for example the truth is that the fault element.Say you have a no claims bonus based on five years of accident free driving.A table which shows the number of years no claims discount a policyholder has earned, and the effect on those years if a claim is made, both with and without Protection.It's extra cover you can add to your insurance, for an additional cost, to keep your No Claims Discount (NCD) intact.If it helps you be more confident on the road, then use it, but you do not need to view it as an essential.However, in the modern days of insurers asking about non-fault accidents as well as about the ones that were your fault, some people are in a position where they are perhaps unfairly seeing their no claims discount and associated benefits reduced.After all, it is a great indicator of how safe a driver you are if you havent had any accidents that were your fault in the last X years.Should I Protect It?Why protect your NCD?
The implied cost of purchasing no claims discount protection.e.