National grid rebates 2017

Welcome to National Grids New York energy efficiency rebate application web site.
Make sure your clue room coupon code receipt/invoice is saved in the proper format.
Am I eligible to receive a rebate if I convert my heating system to natural gas?I installed several measures within a rebate application.Yes, you may mail all measures in a single envelope to the address and offer number listed on your rebate application.How do supporting gifted learners I know if I have been selected to receive an inspection?Once we receive your submission, you will receive an email with your Claim ID that you can reference when checking the status of your claim ) to obtain your ahri certificate if you do not already have.How do I get an image of my receipt/invoice to upload.What is a PDF?What measures are eligible for a rebate?Please have a copy of your latest electric utility bill to upload with your submission.You must mail your application by the last eligible postmark date.Customers who are converting their millionaire raffle drawing 7 5 2014 facility to natural gas from an alternate fuel may be eligible to receive a rebate.To be eligible for the commercial rebates, you must have a service address with a National Grid natural gas account number.Mail-in rebates may be available for: High-Efficiency Gas Heating Furnaces (up to 300).
High-Efficiency Gas Water Heaters (up to 400) 7-Day Programmable WiFi Thermostats (up to 50/each - max of 2).
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