Mr shirley's gift christmas vacation

What make of car do Todd Margo drive?
What is on the discount flooring liquidators reviews grill of Cousin Eddie's RV?
What is Ellen's pet name for Clark?Aunt Bethany's cat.What kind of coffee number one gift card buyer mug does Clark have?Sometimes you inherit a few Cousin Eddies who are so focused on either being so technically correct that they miss the point of the project.What did Clark get instead of a bonus check?Who is the girl in the poster above Rusty's bed?What are Todd Margo drinking on Christmas Eve?Sending Cousin Eddie to kidnap your boss to resolve a project or personnel issues shiverpool promotional code isnt a prudent course of action.All of the gifts are the same exact size and shape as is the one that Clark has.What is the Griswold's license plate number?Guns N' Roses.
List the things that Clark sets standards for so high that no family can live up to?

What music is playing as the police storm the Griswold's home?