Megaplier prize amount

Here's how your chances of winning the Mega Millions jackpot are determined.
To see if the lottery in your jurisdiction offers this option, visit that lotterys website (you can find links on our.
A new Mega Millions jackpot record was set on 23rd October 2018 when one player from South Carolina landed a prize worth a staggering.53 billion.
Cash option: A one-time, lump-sum payment that is equal to all the cash in the Mega Millions jackpot prize pool.This mix results in the following odds for each of the Megaplier numbers and their associated prize values.Jackpot: 122 million, jacked Pots!Players also have the option to submit their claim form and original winning ticket at a Lottery office.Annuity option: The Mega Millions annuity is paid out as one immediate payment followed by 29 annual payments.Prize payout with Megaplier purchase when Megaplier number is: Match, prize, chances 1 In 5 white balls Mega Ball, jackpot 302,575, white balls 1,000,000 12,607,306 2,000,000 3,000,000 4,000,000 5,000,000 pretty vulgar promo code 4 white balls Mega Ball 10,000 931,001 20,000 30,000 40,000 50,000 4 white balls 500 38,792.Players have 180 days from the last winning drawing date on their ticket to claim their prize(s).Ask for the JackPack at retail and receive: * 1 Powerball ticket * 1 Mega Millions ticket * 1 Lotto ticket * 1 Show Me Cash ticket.Central Time No Ticket Sales Tuesday and Friday, 8:59.m.The first payment will be made immediately after your winning ticket has been validated, and you will receive a further payment every year for 29 years.The Megaplier number will be chosen from a field of 15 numbers according to the following frequency: six "5s three "4s four "3s" and two "2s." With the Megaplier feature, any 2 through 1 million prize won on a Mega Millions play will be multiplied.Each play costs.
Options: Quick Pick: Mark the QP box, for one or both of the playslip areas, to have the terminal randomly select your numbers for you.

Annuity or Lump Sum If you win a Mega Millions jackpot, you have the option to take the money as an annuity or as a lump sum.