Lazy susan prize wheel

lazy susan prize wheel

Try painting the tops of the nails white or gold to discount tickets for city museum st louis add some contrast to the wheel.
If you dont want to rush to the store to gather supplies right nowyou havent seen enough pictures!
15 You can use a piece of plywood that is the same thickness as your wheel to make these pieces.
Did you try these steps?When you create the arrowhead shape, cut three notches into.4 Give your wheel a test spin.Then peel off the backing and adhere your triangles around the spinner.It is up to you!Use a dry erase marker to write your hearts desires onto the triangles!Question How many grand prizes should I put on the wheel?Do not nail the nails in all the way, most of the nails should be sticking out of the wheel.Any kid (or adult for that matter) that has watched The Wheel of Fortune has longed to spin that giant prize wheel.4, drill holes for the nails.Note, they dont line up exactlybut who cares?Or, if you plan to give away certain prizes with the wheel, then you might attach a picture of a different prize to each wedge.Paint the wood pieces however you want.The round should be big enough to develop some momentum, and still small enough to carry around.It should be 3/4-inch to 1-inch (1-2cm) thick, and at least a foot (30cm) longer than the round's diameter.Draw another matching line across the top.If your wheel seems wobbly in any way, stop it from spinning.
16 The other strip will go into the bottom of the arrowhead to connect it to the base, but do not attach it yet.

4 Decorate the backdrop.
Glue the wheel onto your board with this fab glueallow it to dry.