Lakeshore coupons codes 2017

lakeshore coupons codes 2017

(20) Receive and accept from any state or federal agency grants and loans for or in aid of the construction of any port authority facility or for research and development with respect to port authority facilities, and receive and accept aid or contributions from any.
Any determinations made by the board of directors under this division shall win 7 activation code generator be conclusive.TBD, HB 455, 1, eff.Any obligation, cost, or expense incurred by any governmental agency or person for surveys, borings, preparation of plans and specifications, and other engineering services, or any other cost described above, in connection with the acquisition or construction of a facility may be regarded as part.Visit the zoo afterward (19.50 for adults and.75 for kids) to explore animal habitats and play in the Tropical Splash Ground.(c) Divisions (A 6 a) and (b) of this section do not apply to either of the following: (i) Any contract secured by or to be paid from moneys raised by taxation or the proceeds of obligations secured by a pledge of moneys raised.Before such political subdivision or subdivisions are joined to a port authority, other than by annexation to a municipal corporation, the political subdivision or subdivisions theretofore comprising such port authority shall agree upon the terms and conditions pursuant to which such political subdivision or subdivisions.The maximum aggregate amount of indemnification paid directly from funds to or on behalf of any director, officer, or employee pursuant to this division shall be one million dollars per occurrence, regardless of the number of persons who suffer damage, injury, or death.(2) "Lakeshore improvement project" means construction of a port authority facility within one mile of the Lake Erie shoreline in an eligible county.Nothing in this section or in section 4582.32 of the Revised Code shall require a port authority to amend a plan, publish a notice, or hold a public hearing except to add or delete maritime facilities to the plan, to describe changes or deletions.(C) A port authority may procure or contract for any type of insurance authorized by division (A) or (B) of this section on its own or jointly as part of a group with one or more other governmental units or agencies to provide that insurance.Such construction or financing is an authorized purpose for the purposes of division (B) of section 4582.21 of the Revised Code.(c) Provisions for restoration or duplication shall be described in detail in the resolution for appropriation passed by the port authority.Nothing in this section eliminates the lessor's or the lessee's obligation to comply with other provisions of the Revised Code to obtain an exemption for such property.(F) "Cost" as applied to a port authority facility means the cost of acquisition or construction of the facility, and the cost of acquisition of all land, rights-of-way, property rights, easements, franchise rights, and interests required for that acquisition or construction, the cost of demolishing.Splash Pads, cool off when its hot outside at one of Central Floridas free (or small-fee) splash pads.Enlargement, equipment, improvement, installation, reconstruction, remodeling, renovation, or any combination thereof.Storytime at the Zoo is held on Wednesday mornings a few months out of the year (usually in November April).Any political subdivision within the jurisdiction of a port authority may appropriate and expend public funds not otherwise appropriated to finance or subsidize the operation and authorized purposes of the port authority so created.The board of directors shall specify the consideration and any terms thereof for the sale, lease, or conveyance of other interests in real and personal property.Before receiving any moneys, the secretary of a port authority created in accordance with section 4582.22 of the Revised Code shall furnish bond in such amount as shall be determined by the port authority, with sureties satisfactory to it, and all funds coming into the.