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john heald promo code 2018

Doluhanova, Nina Svetlanova, piano, M Electrecord Roumanian issue 561708 ECE 016.50 E few light non-sounding marks (near mint) kalman, Imre (Emmerich Silvia: selections from the operetta, Honthy, Feleky, Rathonyi, Gyenes, Budapest Opera, c: Brody, M Electrecord Rumanian pr rather a lovely heavy paper sleeve.
New York ProMusica, (OI c: Greenberg, r i:1959 Brunswick original silver/purple label Decca groove pressing 2618.50 E The Abbey Singers: Italian Madrigals Haydn Part Songs, with Michael Oelbaum piano for the Haydn.
Rosenhart, r i:.50 E Living Baroque, music by Clarke (Trumpet Voluntary Vivaldi, Handel, Purcell, Torelli, Pergolesi, Bach, Rameau.Symphonies 5 15, ballet suites c:.Split in top edge of box, which is otherwise E Boxed 3 LPs superb condition for such an early pressing CX 1159.50 E 2 tiny marks each give about 10 soft ticks britten, Variations on a Theme of Frank Bridge, Phil O, c: Karajan.Sounds splendid, no wear mahler, Das Lied von der Erde, 3 Rückert Songs, Ferrier, Patzak, VPO, c: Walter, i:1952 M gold/orange label sleeves are E- 3/2.00 Record 1:light non sounding mark, record 2: E 2 small non-sounding marks.As Coertse is South African, I wonder if this record was only issued in South Africa.00 V/E small mark ticks for about half a minute, under half price Espana!, rimsky-korsakov, Capriccio Espagnol, LSO, c: Argenta, r i:1957 M original silver/orange label sleeve is E- #original.John Ogdon, r i:1974 dog/stamp booklet Boxed 5 LPs #rare 701501 SLS 885.00 E rimsky-korsakov, The Tsar's Bride, Vishnevskaya, Arkhipova, Atlantov, Nesterenko, Bolshoi Theatre, c: Mansurov, i:1973 HMV/Melodiya orig label libretto Boxed 3 LPs #rare SLS 961.00 E light non-sounding mark (near mint).Songs by Glinka, Mussorgsky, Sviridov with piano.Evans, Gobbi, Lewis, Minton, c: Bonynge, Downes, Goodall, r i:1968 wide band, original ED3 30 page well illustrated booklet includes texts Boxed 2 LPs #also c: Kubelik, Solti, Walton 701702 SET 397.00 E britten, Midsummer Night's Dream: highlights, Deller, Harwood, Pears, Brannigan, LSO,.Milanov, RCA Victor O, c: Basile, i:1967 M RCA test pressing Mono only in original VIC.00 E An Andre Previn Showcase, prokofiev, Symphony no 1, and music by Satie, Mendelssohn, Vaughan Williams, Rimsky-Korsakov, Richard Strauss.BWV74 "Wer mich Liebet.", Cotrubas, Hamari, Equiluz, Reimer, Deutsche Bach Solisten, c: Winschermann, r:1972 Philips white/red label Made in Holland.Ricordi libretto in English Boxed 2 LPs #Mexico City /82.00 E small non-sounding mark (near mint) wagner, Complete Piano Works, Bruce Hungerford, M Private issue Dedication to a friend written in booklet: by Friedelind Wagner (Mausi Richard Wagner's grandaughter, signed by her, and dated.Davrath, Orch, c: de la Roche, visa gift cards sold at target i:1972 Vanguard gatefold sl.00 E Vaughan Williams Folk Song Album, vaughan williams, Folk Song Album, Alfred Deller, counter-tenor, Dupre, lute, Deller Consort, r:1960 Vanguard 93162/3.50 E Homage to Henry Purcell, Volumes 1 2, purcell, An anthology.Farr, soprano, Vienna Volksoper O, c: Bauer-Theussel, r i:1974 narrow band English pressing #very rare 1916.00 E Tone Poems, tchaikovsky, Francesca da Rimini, Hamlet, Voyevode, National SO of Washington DC, c: Dorati, r i:1974 narrow band English pressing.00 E strauss, R, Don Quixote, Reher.Kipnis, harpsichord, his Orchestra, c: Stokowski, r:1967 i:1976 Vanguard ST 161.00 E gershwin, Porgy Bess, Lawrence Winters, Isabelle Lucas, Ray Ellington, Barbara Elsy, Linden Singers, New World Show Orchestra, c: Alwyn, World Record Club gatefold sl 991709 ST 651.00 E haydn, Trumpet Concerto.