How to win pegs

Enjoy, Joe Nord, for the pages that follow, the puzzle is viewed in this orientation and the hole numbers referenced. .
To make this easier, you replacement vertical blinds voucher code want to turn the whole board 90 to the right (clockwise).
Learning to solve the puzzle from this point is the key to success with the game.
31 From bottom right corner up in the corner.It would land on spaces 4.You have to take peg four, and jump over peg two into peg one.Move peg 13 to position.There are many solutions.Each marble can jump over another marble.The number you have left indicates your.Q.I don't understand the starting move.That means that after just two bad moves, the puzzle becomes impossible to solve.Triangle Peg Board Game - Solutions to amaze your friends.3, take the peg in position 4 and jump it over the peg in position.First three moves for starting position (1, 11, 15 - Collectively called "1.Next, move peg 10 to position.This basic pattern can be repeated throughout the board, helping you win the game.
Like checkers, the point of the game is to jump pegs and remove them from the game.

The peg that is closest to the top of the board is not necessarily the jumper peg.