How to make a gift box out of wrapping paper

how to make a gift box out of wrapping paper

Card-stock to Make Your Own Gift Box I found that 12 x 12 inch scrapbooking paper is the perfect size for making these boxes.
But if you use really thick card, then use a square with savannah riverboat cruise promotional code side lengths 2/3 of an inch (2cm) shorter than the lid-piece.I've modified it a bit, because traditional origami doesn't use any cuts.Okay, dont let me lose ya here.Or, have a go at a different box design.Just have a go and try out different combinations.You can make the box a different size if you like, but make sure that for the base you always use a sheet about 1/2" smaller than what you use for the lid.Make your own gift box - it's quick, easy, and can really dress up a gift!Anyway, on to the instructions.V(If you're an origami purist, and want a design with no cuts, check out the one piece box with built in lid.There are 4 pieces of them.Finally, while you're still in a folding mood, have a go at folding some money origami :-) Other People Also Like.Soaps/creams So many possibilities!
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Follow my video tutorial or picture instructions to make a colourful box with matching lid.

My husband actually came up with the lid design.