How to check the balance on starbucks gift card

This displays the remaining balance on the Starbucks gift card.
Method 2 Using a Web Browser 1, go to m/card in a web browser.This shows you the most up-to-date balance of your accounts main Starbucks card.Its the green and white goddess icon typically found on the home screen.Consistent with their "sea" inspiration, their company logo depicts a twin tailed siren based from the Greek Mythology.By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy.The more purchases made, the bigger the benefits.It's towards the bottom of the web page.Tap the box that says "Security code" and type the security code in the box.Customers get to experience a new flavor they call Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino which will be made available to all their branches worldwide.No claims of affiliation are made about the stores on this site.Enter the card number and security code into the provided blanks.3, enter the card number.Do not include dashes or spaces.
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Enter the security code.
Its the second option from the top of the menu.
You can sell your Starbucks gift card directly to giftah or list it in one of their gift card auctions, whichever you choose your gift card can be exchanged for cold hard cash.