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Factories, manufacturers, and boutique shops are in the business of making the most money for the lowest cost of product and labor they can, pure and simple.
You won't see any curves in large factory combat knives, only in little Kerambit blades that are too small to do anything with.That's an air china code promo American wife's tale.Accompanying the fine German knife was a sheath that Tandy leather sells as a hobby sheath project for high schoolers.The swing and curvature of a moving arm, slicing, cutting, or thrusting motion: all these are curved arcs.Okay, maybe.00 Chinese import.On this page, I'll detail specific limitations, problems, and outright falsehoods fairfax hospital gift shop about the tactical combat knife, the rescue knife, and the mass marketed so-called tactical knife.They carry folders and multi-tools, sure.Much more about cast polyester (fiberglass) handle material at this bookmark on my Manmade Knife Handle Materials page.Solution: my solution is to make a deep, double thickness kydex tension fit with a corrosion-resistant, edge protected, high strength aluminum alloy welt frame.They've done their research, and the bean counters have determined that it is not cost effective to purchase finer alloys and pay the added expense of working with them as they are harder on abrasives, can not be forged, require high temperature or elaborate atmosphere.While this is criticism, it comes from a professional.These hyped-up concepts of high quality factory work are pervasive in every industry, and they're promoted by industries that want you to think that they are more than they really are.When annealed, there will be some flex in the hidden tang handle, as the steel of the tang now has more toughness, and is less stiff.Long Answer: Custom means made to order.Sounds like the Guardian and Vindicator, right?
Any large diameter mounting method requires drilling a big hole out of the handle material which creates much more area stresses than a bunch of small holes.
All states are a bit different, but most have substantial restrictions that you, as a citizen, are required to know before you tag one of these baubles under your collar, cuff, or sleeve.

You might think that some of these will never see combat, but you might be surprised to know that a good portion of the finer knives will, indeed, perform in the field.
Short Answer: For increased security.
One of the most frightening blades recognized is the hollow ground straight razor: shiny, thin, and quick.