Google opinion rewards safe

The amount is seemingly random, for instance, a 2-question survey paid me.16, whereas I earned.15 for a 4-question survey.
Remember to use the make a baby shower gift basket same login credentials in Google Play, Google Opinion Rewards, and Google payment profile to be able to earn and spend credits successfully.
If you are in a mall, or a restaurant, Google might ask you questions about the store or restaurant.These questions can be anything; sample questions include: which logo is better, which promotion is better, information about your travel, shopping patterns, and.What seems like simple enough questions to you can be a wealth of information for market researchers.How does Google Opinion Rewards work?Be honest with your answers : Google uses your answers to improve its services or passes on your responses to companies looking for your opinion on their services.Sometimes Google will throw in a dummy question in the middle of the survey to check if you are still paying attention; if you get the dummy question wrong, it is a sign that you are not taking the surveys seriously.Sharing location history with the app seems to get users more surveys than not.Users on Play Store have a common complaint that the number of surveys peters out gradually as the days.Pay attention to the questions : It is easy to fake your way through the questionnaire, and since the questions do not involve heavy lifting, it is easy to skim through without really reading them.You can earn money for every survey you answer.GOR Credit History, in the three days that I have been using the app, I have earned around Rs 30, which is incredible considering I spent less than 2 minutes on each survey.When you start using the app, during the setup process, you will be asked to link your Google payment profile so the Google Play rewards can be applied directly to your account.Read until the end to know how you can earn more with Google Opinion Rewards!These credits are valid for a year, meaning you can accumulate them and buy that app you have been eyeing all along as soon as you have earned enough credit.Try to be as honest as possible to increase your earning; being inconsistent and false will reduce your chances of getting more surveys.It is straightforward; just download the app from Play Store and install.
In the beginning, you will have to answer a few basic questions about yourself like your educational qualifications, your age, gender, etc.

The amount of money you can earn varies from survey to survey and can range from a few cents to a dollar.