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I simply cannot think of a negative thing to say about these!
Im not left-handed apparently lefties smudge ink a lot when writing, and this one helps avoid that but I just enjoy writing things and not having to worry about smudging pink ribbon gifts like I would with a gel pen, though it writes about as smooth as one.I started bullet journaling and wanted nice pens to motivate me to use them every day.After all, who wants to load up a pocket protector with everything you need when one implement can do it all?Having a pen that works for you when you need it not only shows your professionalism, but can make writing by hand all the more comfortable.Offered in one dozen to a box, this pen features a tungsten ball that makes it perfect for carbon forms and other writing where a sharp, clear edge is needed.These pens are designed to help children to develop their handwriting.Feel great in the hand too.If you need a great, reliable pen in a small package, you cant beat.5, m 2/10 Faber-Castell Office grip 2011 Ballpoint Pen (Petrol Blue).No florals here but like most of Cath Kidstons designs, this neat, well-priced ballpoint pen will add a bit of colour to proceedings.Pilot Vanishing Point Collection Fountain Pens 140.

110, m 9/10 Stabilo Easy Original Handwriting Pen These pens are designed to help children to develop their handwriting.
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