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In fact, the story's events happened almost verbatim in a Dilbert comic.
This trucker refuses to accept that it was his fault that he didn't listen to a a female employee 's directions to her store, instead he blames her for being a woman who knows nothing.
They complain about the girl getting higher pay than them, just as one of the men is brought up for a demonstration with her.
Foot, locker job application.It's worth noting that he doesn't connect ending the free game tryouts with the business decline.Instructions: Visit the survey site.The customers' next words do NOT help matters.To top it off, said store is run by a woman, perhaps inverting the trope as well.The helpdesk person repeatedly says that the away manager is already assigned to the case, and not once seems to understand what the caller is actually saying.The pizza parlor is reluctant to deliver to a customer at a certain address.Once she finally gets to prove it, the guard acts as if the preceding exchange didn't happen, leaving her annoyed.Hypocritical Humor : This manager castigates an employee for having water at their register (which isn't against the rules then leaves with her own stash of soda and food (which is ).This receptionist just doesn't get that the customer in question has not been getting bills for eight months because.) loreal mascara gift set they moved from Connecticut to California, and.) can you get a tax rebate any time of year their old address was wrong in the system, so the bills were not forwarded, and keeps saying.This one almost led to an increase in one individual's student loan payments.This waitress is rude to customers, brings out the wrong food, and then flat-out ignores their complaints, claiming that nobody will stop her because her dad's the owner.The submitter points out the ridiculousness of this as he's leaving by telling them "good luck finding someone who graduated at age 10".The plan was scrapped due to many female workers protests, and also because it was illegal under Union rules.
This boss expects a worker how to win in a school fight to clean up an active biohazard without any sort of protective gear, because calling the city about it would cost too much, yet loaning the worker equipment they're not trained in, or letting them buy the equipment themselves, would.