Floyd design promo code

floyd design promo code

Spine: JC 34474 pink floyd animals columbia stereo Cover Stickers: Rectangular dark blue shrink wrap sticker that says: "pink floyd animals 34474." Square white shrink wrap sticker that says "best value series 4011S1.
3) Stickers #3 S3: Yellow and browngraphics stickers with 1/2 inch strip on the left side with color bar.3a) Yellow graphics sticker: A yellow/sky blue/green/white self-adhesive graphics sticker.
Back Cover Number: Found with an nhs train discount 11, a 16, or.
Pier 1's boards on Pinterest are divided into categories that include photos of individual products as well as groupings of products you can use to create a particular look.Back Cover: Black with inverted prism.J 094331 Also found with numbers: 397618, or 515364.The cover of the.S.Some promo issues had the cover hidden by blue shrink wrap, and the timing strip on the outside of the shrink wrap on the back.The Wall 2-LP Columbia Records 2nd issue Title: The Wall (Columbia Records 2nd issue) Record Company: Columbia Records Catalog Number: PC2 36183 Matrix Information: (side 1 / side 2 / side 3 / side 4) 1) PAL-36184-1A / PBL-36184-1AG / PAL-36185-1AB / PBL-36185-1A (all four.Promotional Pack: Some promotional copies were issued in a promo box that included the album plus an inflatable udder and a poster of a cow.Lemay / stbb-4-388 G18 #4 (all four written) MBC 9) skbb-1-388 F30 #4 / skbb-2-388 G36 X #2 / skbb-3-388-G32 / stbb-4-388 G18 #4 (all four written) B) Capitol Records, Los Angeles, California 1) stbb-1-388-F-22- kp / stbb-2-388-F-28- kp / stbb-3-388-F-27- KP / stbb-4-388-F-19-.Read More, tourmaline the Power of Green.2016 issue Title: More Record Company: Pink Floyd Records Ltd.L 042046 Cover Stamp Numbers: L 042046, L 687948, B 621228 (in upper left corner).Die cut inner sleeve with the top two corners and bottom left corner cropped at an angle.Above the spindle hole is the Tower Records logo and the words "A Saucerful of Secrets and "Pink Floyd." To the right of the spindle hole it says: Stereo ST-5131 (ST 1-5131) Side 1 The word Stereo is in a medium bold font size, and."Printed.S.A." in the lower left, and "smas-11163-1" in the lower right.Found on later pressings 878, #1829, #1931, #2624, #3573, #3710).There is a large 1, indicating the side number, to the right of the catalog and matrix numbers in a larger size than stereo.Pier 1 Imports Review Pier 1 Imports, like Target and HomeGoods, has established itself as a place to find unique home decor items that express your creative decorating flair.In the upper right corner, over the bar code, is stamped in gold the number "4202." Underneath the number in a gold rectanglar is stamped "FOR promotion only - Ownership Reserved By CBS - Sale Is Unlawful." Inside Cover: Pictures.Remastered reissue pressed on 180 gram vinyl.

Lemay (both written) MBC (found with an skao cover) Release Date: September 1975 Release Information: Fifth issue with a new catalog number and the title printed on the cover.
Under license from Capitol Records, Inc.
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