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Considering how Hot-Blooded he was in his youth, 1000 later, Yomi is civil even to one of the people he'd been in a 500 year stand off with, even if he does plan to destroy them.
Eda and Revy have a Mexican Standoff one day, and share drinks in a bar the next.But it was nothing personal.Hand Maid May has Kotaro Nanbara, who proclaims himself Kazuya Saotome's "best friend and worst enemy".Harvey Dent is one of Bruce's close friends, and one of the few relationships where the Bruce-centric version of their relationship seems more important than the Batman-centric version of the relationship to him.In one episode, convinced that they're both about to die, the Martian admits that Dodgers is his best friend.Only his status as the World Government's greatest hero keeps him safe from punishment, as acknowledging his actions would have severely embarrassed the Government.Really played up in A Sunny Day in DC when Trickster gives Flash exercise tips after reassuring him that no, his ass isn't fat.Which was why the latter had to die.(Though the writers seem to have forgotten about those first two.) The Venture Bros.Yet again their animosity took over and it would take until the early 1990s after Zappa was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer for their friendship to come back.In "The Lonesome Mouse Jerry gets Tom kicked out of the house, but finds that he misses being chased and schemes with the cat to get him back.Even after their Faustian Rebellion at the end of the second game, he repeatedly tries to convince Shepard to join his side, which Shepard responds with by countering with the same offer.It helps that she only win a trip ice break became a criminal to experience more of a challenge and she quickly relinquishes any of her loot when it is found.That makes you an honorary penguin.Later, Takeda Shingen was killed facing Oda Nobunaga's allies, and a very angry Uesugi Kenshin fought a (winning) battle against Oda Nobunaga as a result.Bush 's 1992 re-election campaign.It helps that the Pranksters' actions are largely silly and easily rectified, and mostly center on contests and games rather than anything serious.

The same could be said of Pharaoh Atem and Priest Seto, whom Kaiba is the reincarnation.
Graves reports that ill-will towards the Germans themselves is virtually non-existent in his battalion.
In the "Holly-Daze" Christmas CD recorded by Mel Blanc, Bugs is surprised to catch them going Christmas shopping together, although they're plotting to buy each other presents that will sabotage their respective plans.