Discount tire santa cruz

discount tire santa cruz

Knock on wood, it hasn't happened to me yet with my plus size tires.
I'm really interested in the mid-plus?
Gotta get rid of the dangerous as they get knards cause they plain suck right out loud.
Reply With" #303, i ran my Ranger.8 at 15 psi on the front this weekend, twisty singletrack, mostly hard and shallow loose over hard with interspersed sharp rocks and roots and short technical ups/downs.Reply With" #320 When you have it please post the weight.I can pump where before I always had to pedal.Not interested in that tread pattern at all.The Tough version is certainly heavier since it has double the belts.I'm still experimenting, but so far my original 14lbs is best.Thanks, I love that Sumo.I'll email Stan's to make the final determination!Reply With" #373 Originally Posted by Ofroad'bent Carbonbicycle makes a 40 AM rim.I also just looked up the tires you were talking about and they were listed at 1425g for.5, (see pic below).Anyone here can confirm that?They seem to be hard to find.Super tight mount, but great once I finally got.Does anybody have any input about the Nomad rear clearance with WTB Ranger or other 26 tyres?My rims (Flow MK3's) will be in Monday and I'm eager to get the tires to match.Hmmm, looking marginal fit.0" on the back.Reply With" #308 Originally Posted by FreeZ Hello everybody!I 'upgraded' to.75" on Dually 39i/45o rims in early 2014 and have no interest in running smaller tires again.I have plenty of room out back.
Reply With" #371 Originally Posted by 06HokieMTB Saw a Ranger in person best buy gift card return policy this past weekend.

I will post the.0 L/F weight when I buy one.
Reply With" #376 Yea, for plus size I've only run the 120tpi DW's and now the Rangers in the light casing.
Try it and you'll see for yourself what all the fuss is about.