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Then select from the buds discount marine wide variety of slatwall accessories we offer such as: slatwall hooks and brackets, slatwall baskets, and many different slatwall displays.Dorfins easy to do business with attitude, combined with our competitively priced, quality products in addition to our expert global sourcing of custom products and solutions, supported by a culture of people who do what we say we are going to do, has earned us the.Take a trip to the Lemon Tree House, where Logee's Famous Ponderosa Lemon Tree, growing directly in the ground since 1900, produces some of the world's largest lemons.Copyright 2018 Store Supply Warehouse, LLC.A leading store fixtures and display supplier for over 20 years, Discount Shelving and Displays provides you with an entire website filled with different store fixture choices.Here you can find elegant flowering plants like Camellias and Clivias, and tasty fruiting plants like Avocados and Figs; even easy-care Cacti and Succulents happily live in this house as well.Don't forget to click on the "learn more pages" if you are not sure about picking items like slatwall glass showcases or gondola shelving and need more information.Salvaged from the destructive 1938 New England hurricane and rebuilt in 1940, this was the biggest greenhouse the Logee family had constructed, hence its name, The Big House.This is just to name a few of the many types of store fixtures that you will see Discount Shelving and Displays offer.6.99 Shipping only applicable to street addresses and PO boxes within the continental.S.Home to a wide variety of both unusual and popular herbs, this underground greenhouse is protected from frosts by maintaining the temperatures above 38 degrees through the winter.Whether you are just starting out your business and are on a tight budget or looking for a more high-end type of glass showcase, we have plenty of different options for you to choose from: economy glass showcases, extra-vision glass showcases, half-vision glass showcases, jewelry.Visit the amazing 10-Variety Citrus Tree, breathe in the exotic aroma of Angels Trumpets, and wander through a jungle of amazing plant specimens in this huge, sub-tropical greenhouse.Customize your gondola shelving with a choice of gondola shelving color and backing type.Another example of store fixtures that can change your stores appearance as well as maximizing your retail space is slatwall.Free Shipping only applicable to street addresses and PO boxes within the continental.S.This bright, sunny greenhouse, where most of the potting was originally done, is now home to vibrant Passion Flowers, Spice Plants from around the world, and tropical herbs and vines.When you are looking for store fixtures like slatwall, gondola shelving, or even glass showcases, this website will give you the ability to shop for all your store fixture needs.Because a chill period is necessary for many plants to bloom, temperatures are allowed to dip down to 40 degrees during the winter months.Gondola shelving is a proven way to make the most of any space.Discount Shelving and Displays glass showcases offer an exceptional value in a variety of styles.
Logee opened his business in 1892 and built the first greenhouse, which, today, is known as the Fern House.
Gondola shelving units are made with heavy-duty steel frames and available in a variety of lengths to match any size retail space.

During the 1920s, The Long House was built to house Logees cut-flower business.
In spring, you can witness the blooming of the extremely rare and unique Jade Vine.
In the Herb House, you can travel the world through the flavors and aromas of countless culinary plants, including favorites such as Bay, Lavender, Rosemary, Sage, and Thyme, plus many more unique offerings.