Blizzcon virtual ticket ingame rewards

blizzcon virtual ticket ingame rewards

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BlizzCon 2017-and picked up this souvenir skin to mark the curious occasion Blizzard said.BlizzCon 2017 starts today and runs through tomorrow.Overwatch: BlizzCon 2017 Winston Skin, in-game today!This bonus will arrive after.Many of the items are already available in-game starting today, but.Blizzard convention begins on November 3 and fans who arent traveling to Anaheim can keep up on the news by purchasing a virtual ticket and watching the live streams.Take a look at the in-game bonus items youll get for your favorite Blizzard games when you join us for.BlizzCon begins on November 3 and runs through November.If thats not enough, these are all the other perks.Discovered on the fringe worlds by the notorious terran junker gangs who scour the Korprulu sector for salvage, these scrappy SCVs, Probes, and Drones are retrofitted and ready to take on your dirty work.Virtual, ticket items that have been announced by clicking through the images in the gallery above.This list breaks down every reward that ticket holders are able to claim in Blizzard games.BlizzCon, videos, outside of that, the remaining in-game goodies will likely be revealed in the coming weeks, but for now, its really cool to see a mount reward for.Heroes of Azeroth can show their.Diablo 3: Murkromancer Pet, no one escapes the aaaaaughibbrgubugbugrguburgle!Anyone lucky enough to attend.Ahead of the live reveal stream thats scheduled to happen later today, the, blizzCon 2017, virtual, ticket appeared on the Blizzard Store.

Even more exciting, its appearance slipped in the reveal of the in-game goodies attendees ( virtual or live) will receive in, world of Warcraft.