Best rewards credit card with lowest interest rate

best rewards credit card with lowest interest rate

You can redeem your miles for travel purchases, statement credit, gift cards, and more.
After the intro period ends, a variable APR.74-24.74 kicks.
The Discover It chrome is the newest card so far on the market and also the lowest interest rate after the initial introductory period.
Every bank is legally required to clearly disclose each card's Annual Percentage Rate, or APR.For the initial 14 months the interest rate is 0 cheap gift delivery services and after that the rate will be between.99-22.99.These credit cards dont charge much interest, so they arent the right fit for people with no credit or bad credit.In this case, the rewards you earn might be enough to compensate for the annual fee.These fees are common with credit cards that have a rewards program (where you earn points and miles toward merchandise, gift cards, travel, statement credit or cash).3 fee (min 10) applies to balance transfers.If youre not interested in transferring a balance, theres also the option of a non-balance transfer credit card with a low regular APR.There is a 0 introductory APR for 12 billing cycles for purchases AND for any balance transfers made in the first 60 days, then,.24 -.24 Variable APR applies.Pros of a Low-Interest Credit Card.The 0 interest rate is valid for 15 months on both transferred balances and purchases.Responses have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the bank advertiser.Look for cards that offer low ongoing APRs to avoid getting stuck with another high-rate credit card.To maximize your savings, dont get into a habit of carrying a balance from month to month.Getting a low-interest credit card is a saving in itself, but there are additional ways to benefit from a low-rate card.Low-interest credit cards may or may not charge an annual fee, so make sure you look for information about fees on the credit card application.A credit card comes in handy when you dont want amy mcgrath win to use cash, when youre looking to build a credit history and when you want to earn rewards on purchases.After the initial 15 months, depending on the cardholders credit score, the interest will.99-22.99.Bank of America Cash Rewards credit card.Only you can decide whether a cards rewards justify its annual fee.