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Because of its immense size, the Beluga generally has the biggest eggs, which are the most highly prized for their large grain and fine skin.In his Gram Dictionnaire de cuisine, Dumas indicated that Kaviar, made from salted sturgeon eggs.But the true connoisseur always prefers to eat caviar unadorned.It grows to a maximum.5 m (5 ft) and rarely exceeds 25 kg (55 lb) in weight.Before anything else, care must be given to take the box out of the refrigerator (where it is kept between 36 and 39 F) at least fifteen minutes before the meal, for the aromas to reconstitute.Nutrition, specialists have always claimed that caviar has many virtues.The source home & gift warehouse of the Turkish word is apparently an Iranian dialectal form related to the Persian word for "egg khyah, and this in turn goes back to the same Indo-European root that gives us the English words egg and oval.It is so incredibly rare that barely more than 100 fish per year are now caught in the Caspian waters.Bank Holidays.30pm 7pm, social Media.Recent times have seen Beluga caviar double in price within a period of months.Monday-Wednesday, Friday Saturday.30am 8pm, thursday.30am 9pm, sunday.30pm 7pm.All accompaniments pepper, lemon, onion and herbs must be banished from the table.They mature at 12 to 15 years of age.Recently, numerous chefs have innovated by associating caviar to some complex recipes, where the taste of the priceless black pearl, far from being buried under other ingredients, is enhanced by the set of contrasting flavors.At the beginning of the twentieth century the Beluga accounted for 40 per cent of the sturgeon catch - today it is barely one per cent.It also has a high content of mineral salts: 1,700 mg sodium, 164 mg potassium, 330 mg phosphorus and 51 mg calcium, along with vitamins D, A, C, B2, B44, B12 and.Its basic flavor evokes egg yolk, embellished with a touch of herb and iodine, and even, according to the variety, of hazelnut.Many chefs have recently created innovated recipes that incorporate caviar into complex dishes in the best of them, the delicate flavor is brought out by the contrasting interplay of flavors.
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