Award or reward

Awards can come in form of commemorative plaques, medals, trophies, certificates, titles, badges, pins and cash.
The attendance incentive award program is another well-known employee reward and recognition program incentive.
Include it in the organization's newsletter and web site.
5,000 Horse Horse's thirst need will deplete slowly.Those who earned the distinction were usually included on larger, more high profile projects, which made their work more interesting.20,000 Cat, Dog, Horse It will appear in Sim's Inventory, not in Pet's Inventory.An incentive that offers immediate recognition for a job well done suits your demographic.Immune To Cold Sims immune to the cold will always stay pleasantly warm.Other Sims won't get jealous of a played Sim, but will still get jealous of those a Sim flirts with.Also, poorly conceived objectives can sink a program, no matter how well intentioned.Fearless Foals Foals can venture away from their Mothers grasp without feeling sad or lonely.Vegetarian Sims will not be nauseous eating meat.Drinking this potion allows a Young Adult, Adult or Elder to return to the beginning of Young Adulthood.It's no wonder workers were just going through the motions and looking for the first opportunity to leave the company.Considering the fact that this can completely restore a Sim's needs up to maximum when they become low enough to produce a negative or neutral moodlet, this is probably one of the best rewards.If possible, send out a companywide email, including all satellite offices and subsidiaries.
Professional doctor who gifts amazon Slacker, how cool would it be to watch TV and slack off at work without the boss caring?

Furthermore, during the ceremony explain the importance of the recognition award in terms of its value to the company.
Immune To Heat Sims immune to heat can enjoy a nice tan without ever getting burnt.
Always on the List Sims who are Always on the List will never be refused entry into bars, clubs, and lounges.