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Baud rate data pump speed BBC British Broadcasting Company BBN Backbone network BBS (1)Bulletin Board System (computer networking) BBS (2)Battery backup system BC (1)Broadcast BC (2)Back course BC (3)Patches (of sig.
Aircraft mechanic certificate a/c Aircraft, a/G Air to ground, a0 AM carrier with no modulation, now N0N.
Space Command usss United States Secret Service usstratcom.S.Test FPM Fast Page Mode FPO Fleet Post Office Fq Frequency fqdn Fully Qualified Domain Name (Internet) FR (1)Frequency Response FR (2)Final report FRA (1)Forward repair activities FRA (2)Federal Request for Assistance (fema) frcm Federal Regional Coordinating Manager (fema) Freq Frequency frmr Packet control frame.A P Airframe Powerplant,.S.Network gp Group GPM Gallon(s) per minute GPO (1)Government Printing Office (US) GPO (2)General Post Office GPS Global Positioning System GR Hail (from French) gradu Gradual weather change GRC General Radio Communications (AN/GRC-xxx) grep Global Regular Expression, Print; Unix text search grp Group GRT Gross.Pierre contolo Italian Consulate, Toulouse, France conus continental United States conwett Italian Consulate, Wettingen, Switzerland COR (1)Carrier operated relay COR (2)Consolidated Operations Room Lights Out COR Correction to a previously disseminated weather report cores Commission Registration System (FCC) coscom Corps support command cospas Acronym for.SPF Shortest Path First SPI Service Provider Interface spincom Special Intelligence Communications Spkr Speaker SPL Sound Pressure Level SPL/1 High-Order Signal Processing Language #1 SPO Security, plans, and operations spod Seaport of debarkation SPS Spectrum Planning Subcommittee (of irac) spss Space Surveillance Squadron Spt Support.Decode our lapses thusly: Acronym Definition, fC Tornado on the ground / Parallel transmission (simulcast) on - / Cloud layer below observing station 1 LT first lieutenant 2 LT second lieutenant 220SMA 220 (MHz) Spectrum Management Assn (Amateur) 2600 (1)2600 Hz, audio frequency used for.DX (2)First transmission of FEC character DX (3)Duplex dxac DX Advisory Committee (arrl) dxcc Coveted amateur radio award, for confirming at least 100 countries DXing The hobby of listening to distant radio or television DZ (1)Drop zone DZ (2)drizzle E (1)Electromotive force (in volts).Army Space Command comaswforlant Commander, ASW Forces Atlantic comcon Communications Condition (mars) comfairmed Commander, Fleet Air Mediterranean comfairwingten Commander, Fleet Airwing Ten fabfitfun coupon codes 2017 comhswingone Commander, Helicopter Antisubmarine Wing One comint Communications Intelligence comjam Communications jamming Comm Communications (also "commo commsta Communication Station commz Communications zone comnavcomtelcom.Inmarsat-A Inmarsat mobile voice/data terminal inmarsat-B Improved version, replaced A inmarsat-C Data-only inmarsat terminal, also for safetynet inmarsat-E inmarsat epirb inmarsat-M inmarsat terminal, voice only, not gmdss-compliant INO Indian Ocean (mwara) INS (1)Immigration Naturalization Service (US) INS (2)Inertial Navigation System inscom US Army Intelligence and.Army Strategic Defense Command, now usassdc usasi US Army Space Institute usassdc US Army Space and Strategic Defense Command, formerly usasdc usav US Army Vessel usawc US Army War College USB (1)Upper Sideband USB (2)Universal Serial Bus USC (1)United States Codes (Federal statute law) outdoor gifts for dad christmas USC.(rtty) wshft wind shift WSM Weapon system manager wsmr White Sands Missile Range (NM) WSO Weapon Systems Officer Whizzo wsro Weapon system replacement operations wstf White Sands Test Facility (NM) WSW West-southwest WT (1)Walkie-talkie WT (2)Wireless Telegraph (Morse or rtty) WTB (1)Wireless Telecommunications Bureau (FCC).As Larry Van Horn is always noting, acronyms and abbreviations don't always save all that much space in written text.Cpas Cellular Priority Access Service cpca Camp Parks Communications Annex (usaf) CPE Customer Premise Equipment (telco) cpfsk Continuous-Phase Frequency Shift Keying CPO Chief Petty Officer CPR Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation cps Cycle per second (one Hertz) 2xu 2017 promo code CPS (2)Cellular Priority Services (US NCS) CPS (1)Characters Per Second CPT.
JTF-5) jintaccs Joint Interoperability of Tactical Command and Control Systems JIT Just In Time (java Compiler, proprietary to Sun) jitc Joint Interoperability Test Command (US) jive Jamming and Interception Vulnerability Estimator JJ Transmission is in Japanese JJ Joprep Jiffy (obsolete SAC weather report form) JJY.
QRV I am ready (go with your traffic) QRX Please standby QSA Signal strength QSB Fading QSD Your keying is defective QSK Duplex CW break-in QSL (1)A card or letter confirming reception of a radio station QSL (2)Acknowledgment of transmission, a fancy "roger" QSO Communications.