300 win mag or 300 weatherby

AND stay away from muzzle brakes!
So it's not an issue.
I've owned a bunch of magnums from 7mm.458 and barrel length determines muzzle blast (and hence perceived recoil) more than anything else.
No pox on the.338.The muzzle pressure is nowhere near the Wby round.The rounded shoulders make it very hard to handload/reload - you always need to have the rifle with you when adjusting the full lenth die - and - what theater gifts for guys ammo you do manage to make correctly that fits your rifle and allows a smooth close.However, when your intent is to hunt dangerous game like moose and bear - here the 338 Win mag is a much better choice.You won't be sorry either way as they are both great cartridges and will serve you well.What is your mother's maiden name?_ From Wyoming where gun control is how well you can aim.Login with an email address and password.Posts: 12,619, red I can't tell any difference.338 win mag has a little more recoil than the 300 wby.#, 03:52 PM Beartooth Regular Join Date: Jan 2009 Location: Northern Va Posts: 657 I like that, Bigger is always better!I wear ear protection when shooting.22.300's and 30-06 are what most folks here use for non-dangerous big game hunts and protection against dangerous game.
If you're shooting animals bmo visa gift card of 500 pounds and up, I think the.338 would be preferred due to a bigger hole and better blood trail.