300 win mag elk hunting

If I didn't already have both a 7mag and a 300RUM I might have something to put down.
I have killed lots of deer and a few elk and to this day i have yet to remember the recoil because of the adrenaline.
And since the VX-1 is a Leupold product, you know it can handle the power of the.300 win mag with its durable shockproof construction.But that's just.And in each case, the scope abbott lyon student discount needs are radically different.Perfect configuration for most North American hunting.The.300 win mag is an amazing rifle, with amazing potential, and for the shooters who have mastered it, it is a nearly irreplaceable rifle.With 5-20 power magnification, you know youll be able to hit what you are aiming out- regardless of the distance.Double hockey stick await.Of course, if you want some more reach out, but want to stick with that 40mm objective, it is possible to get scopes with greater magnification, and that may be an ideal choice for your.300 win mag rifle.# 9, 09:05 AM Beartooth Regular Join Date: Oct 2010 Posts: 128 I have both so my choice is both-then I have to decide what to take each day of hunting season, my 7mm or 300,what to do!This isnt a scope for somebody whos personal identity is wrapped texans win last night up in the gear they own.Posts: 8,618 Ohhhhh Noooo.Take a long careful look at these scopes, and consider your rifle and your end use.This is simply amazing ballistics performance considering the bullet weight difference is 50grs!Vortex Crossfire 2, this 4-12 power scope is a great scope for 300 win mag rifles.Weve looked at four absolutely amazing optics, ranging from the wildly expensive, to the cost of modest even out.Cons, this is an expensive optic for expensive gear.